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Vanilla Backpacks Addon (1.9+ Only)

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Backpacks allow you to wear easily during your adventure. They are considered as a mobile chest that helps you hold your items and blocks. Use them to pick necessary items for your travel. Besides, taking off the backpacks is a simple task.
Founded by: ArkreZamy, Professor Magnum, Nogard

How to Play Vanilla Backpacks Addon

You could make use of an Emerald to spawn the backpack.
Windows 10: Before claiming the backpack, you should keep an Emerald in your hand. Then, make a right click on it.
Android / iOS: After holding an Emerald, you should choose the Claim Backpack button.

Key Features

• You can dye, wear and lock the backpack easily
• If you are lucky to get a tamed backpack, it will follow you

How to Install Vanilla Backpacks Addon

Download Resources .McPack
Download Behaviors .McPack
• Use the packs for enjoying a world
• Activate “Experimental Gameplay” from the world settings!
• Enjoy the world


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