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Seeds+ Addon

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Cultivating plants is boring you said? Why not try this add-on then.

This addon introduces eight(8) new crops to cultivate in your land. What? You thought it was food? Take a closer look to see what they really are.


This add-on unlocks 8 new crops that you can grow in your garden. They are not food items but instead are resource items like Iron, Coal and even Diamond.

All crops introduced in this add-on have 5 growth stages before the plant can be harvested. Worry not, you will never lose your seed ever again since it is guaranteed to always drop 1 seed of your crop choice.


There’s 2 basic seeds in this addon, 1st is the Dirt Seed and the second one is the Stone Seed

Crafting Materials for Dirt Seed:

  • Nature’s Blessing
  • Dirt Nugget
  • Wheat Seeds

Crafting Materials for Stone Seed:

  • Nature’s Blessing
  • Stone Shard
  • Dirt Seeds

The Stone Seeds will then allow you to craft the other types of seeds which are:

  • Coal Seeds
  • Iron Seeds
  • Gold Seeds
  • Emerald Seeds
  • Diamond Seeds

Crafting Materials for Iron Seeds:

  • Iron Nugget
  • Iron Essence
  • Stone Seeds

Crafting Materials for Gold Seeds:

  • Gold Nugget
  • Gold Essence
  • Stone Seeds

Crafting Materials for Coal Seeds:

  • Coal Bits
  • Coal Essence
  • Stone Seeds

Crafting Materials for Emerald Seeds:

  • Emerald Nugget
  • Emerald Essence
  • Stone Seeds

Crafting Materials for Diamond Seeds:

  • Diamond Nugget
  • Diamond Essence
  • Stone Seeds

Crafting Materials for Frost Seeds:

  • Ice Shard
  • Frost Essence
  • Stone Seeds


A very crucial item in this add-on, you will not be able to craft any of the higher crops without them. Some of them are craftable but the others can only be obtained through killing mobs.

Craftable Essence

  • Coal Essence
  • Dirt Essence
  • Stone Essence

Frost Essence

This item can be obtained by killing a SNOWMAN.

Emerald Essence

Killing some PILLAGERS will give you some Emerald Essence.

Iron, Gold, Diamond Essence

Items that are a little bit troublesome to obtain, the player needs to kill the IRON GOLEM personally to obtain them at first.

Blood Essence

Obtainable by killing a mob like SPIDER(cave variant not included).

The BLOOD ESSENCE can be used to craft BLOOD which then can be used to craft STICKY PISTON!

Most of them can be crafted as shown below.


Currently USELESS in this version but I plan on adding functionality to it next update. There are two types of souls, a corrupt one and a cleansed one.

CURROPT SOULS can be obtained by killing monster like ZOMBIES.

CLEANSED SOULS are purified souls with the help of HOLY WATER.


A new POTION TYPE item introduced in this add-on. Yes you can drink it while it can also be used to cleanse curropt souls.

BEWARE! Drinking a Holy Potion will also give you a NEGATIVE STATUS EFFECT along side powerful effects as shown by the image below.

Nature’s Blessing

The most vital of all essence type items. This can be obtained by killing CREEPERSTHE WITHER or as a GIFT from your pet CAT.

Nuggets, Bits and Shards

New additions by this add-on, they are also vital in crafting the new seeds. Worry not for they can be reverted back to their original form as shown below.

The COAL BITSadded in this add-on is can be used as fuel to furnaces, 8 of them is almost equivalent to 1 piece of coal. Unfortunately though, the CHARCOAL variant of this is not yet implemented.


Dont forget to always turn on experimental settings just to be safe.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.200



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