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Lava Monster Boss Addon (Map Included) for Minecraft PE

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In this game, you will become a strong warrior who wants to overcome different challenges. Try to come to the Overworld’s depths. It encourages you to kill the monster as well. Your mission is saving the world as soon as possible.

Founded by: Vernian LEMO – TDR build

How does Lava Monster Boss Addon work?

Read the instructions of this addon before playing it. Remember to take armor and weapons and choose a button located on the well. It helps you go underground well.

Before reaching the boss arena, you need to pass the skeleton in the underground.

Be careful with the Lava Monster because it will throw blocks at you.

A big plus is that the Lava Monster doesn’t move. Besides, you can find different places to hide.

Video Review

How to Install Lava Monster Boss Addon

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