Friday, April 12, 2024

Dragons Add-on for Minecraft PE

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming the mother or father of dragons? This dream will come true with Dragons Add-on. This add-on offers the great ability for you to tame a dragon into a useful pet, which helps you a lot in overcoming difficulties. The dragon is one of the strongest mobs you can find out in Minecraft PE world.

Founded by: Gona

Wild Dragons

The first type of dragon we would like to introduce to you is wild dragons. As a replacement of bats, wild dragons spawn successfully in caves. Be careful with a hostile dragon despite of the chance for spawning it is only 17%.

There are 5 stages wild dragons can experience, including:

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  • Stage 1: 10 hearts, tameable, and passive
  • Stage 2: 15 hearts, tameable, and passive
  • Stage 3: 20 hearts, tameable, and passive
  • Stage 4: 25 hearts, tameable, and passive
  • Stage 5: 30 hearts, tameable, and passive


Tamed Dragons

Move on the tamed dragons. For instance, I prefer to choose a small dragon rather than a big one. Your responsibility is giving the dragon some cooked meat. If you are successful, there are heart particles appearing.

There are 6 stages for a tamed dragon to experience.

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  • Stage 1: 15 hearts, passive
  • Stage 2: 25 hearts, passive
  • Stage 3: 40 hearts, passive:
  • Stage 4: 65 hearts; the dragon can spit fire to help owners
  • Stage 5: 90 hearts, the dragon can spit fire to help owners (It takes you 24 minutes to reach this stage. You can fasten this stage by providing it more cooked meat)
  • Stage 6 : 125 hearts, the dragon can spit explosive fireballs to help owners (It takes another 20 minutes to reach this stage. You can promote this stage with gunpowder)


One fact is that when the dragon reaches the stage 4, it can protect its owners.

Especially, dragons tend to love dishes from sheep. Therefore, sheep is one of their favorite meats.

You had better tie the dragon to a fence post and give it some cooked meat.

The followings are Nether Dragon and Ice Dragon textures.


  • Extra dragon sounds
  • Custom item names
  • Optimized code
  • Updated UUIDs

How to install Dragons Add-on

Follow these steps below.

  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Download one of two resources packs

Download Resources .McPack (Normal)

Download Resources .McPack (Nether Dragon)

Download Resources .McPack (Ice Dragon)

  1. Activate the pack for enjoying the full world game

If you are interested in this game, feel free to download a .ZIP for this addon here.



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