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Philippine National Railway Addon

As the replacement of the Minecraft cart coming with KiHa 350 and Series 203, this addon promises to bring many surprises to you. There are 4 available trains in the addon, which come in blue and white color.

What do you know about the Philippine National Railway? Its line spreads in many areas from Tutuban province to Calamba. It also works actively from Legazpi province to the south. Besides, a new station is designed and aims to spread to Clark Global City.

Train size

  • There are total 3 cars with 3 blocks of thickness
  • The height of the train should be 4 blocks. You will need a minimum of 4 blocks to set up a tunnel
  • Place the trains on rail to see its lengths of 40 blocks.
  • You will be on the seat naturally

How to Install Philippine National Railway Addon


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