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Nuke Addon for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for efficient weapons, Nuke addon is a great recommendation. The function of this game is turning TNT block into a superpowerful nuclear weapon. This weapon plays an important role in changing your surrounding terrain. Moreover, a nuclear variant effectively replaces the creeper.

Founded by: JplaysPE

How to Play Nuke Addon

As I have mentioned above, the nuclear weapon replaces TNT block, which can damage much constructions. Besides, hazmat suit replaces the golden armor.

Igniting the items and blocks is possible by making use of Redstone, a steel and flint. Some damages from this weapon include:

Try to escape from the bomb within 35 seconds.

As an energy version of the common creeper, the Nuclear Creeper can cause serious explosions.



  • It comes with the Nuclear Creeper, strange behaviors, and redesigned model
  • The weapon works well with low-end devices for causing explosions

How to Install Nuke Addon

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Choose one pack below to download:

Behavior .McPack ( for Low-End devices)

Behavior .McPack (for High-End devices)

  1. Enable the packs for discovering a world in-game

Feel wonderful to get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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