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Add-ons for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Add-ons for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, will help you change the look and the feel in your game. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Notch’s Money Addon for Minecraft PE

Having been known as a new type of currency, Notch’s Money Addon attracts most of players at the first glance once it enters the Minecraft world. Thanks to Notch’s Money, people in different areas can trade commercially without any difficulty, even people in the End and the Nether. Founded by: Assassiner 003 How does Notch’s Money Addon work? …

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Mine-Snakes Add-on for Minecraft PE

For people who love the challenge, this add on is an ideal option. It makes your game interesting by adding a little monster, which has been known as a snake. Once you touch the snake, it will turn back immediately and attempt to bite you. So, be careful! One effective way to protect you from this dangerous animal …

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Minecraft PC Parrots Add-on for Minecraft PE

As the first flying bird appearing in the Overworld, Minecraft PC Parrots Add-on attracts most of players at the first try. It is considered as the replacement of the bat that offers parrots in version 1.1 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Although the add on has left a limitation, it is still a favorite game for most of players. …

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Danger Inbound: Apocalypse Edition Add on for Minecraft PE

What will you do if the Overworld is turned into a hellish nightmare? It is time when mobs develop strongly in both size and power. Enjoying this add on means you have a good chance to experience the higher level of game, in which mobs have some changes in behaviors and graphics. Founded by: AlexFirey1411 How to Survive …

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Sports Car: Lamborghini Add-on for Minecraft PE

You will actually look cool in a luxurious sports car when playing this game. The car is very helpful in helping you drive everywhere you want. It is time for you to say goodbye with your dear old horse and enjoy modern technology on the market. With the fast speed, this sports car is a perfect option for …

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Mine-Machine Add-on for Minecraft PE

Coming with 14 various vending machines of Minecraft, Mine-Machine Add-on is a great game for players to enjoy. The big plus of these machines is that you can use them to buy drinks and food and exchange them for some money. For a more interesting game, using vending machines is a smart choice. Founded by: MicoLets_MC How does …

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 Jurassic Craft Add-on for Minecraft PE

This is an amazing add-on you should enjoy in your free time. It includes 19 various dinosaurs in a full pack. Feel great to explore the special behaviors in each dinosaur. There are two main types of dinosaurs here. For instance, some of them are friendly and taming them is a simple task. To contrast, other aggressive dinosaurs …

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Mario Craft Add-on for Minecraft PE

Implementing 4 of the total characters from the Super Mario universe to Minecraft PE, Mario Craft Add-on is really an interesting game to discover (Hope that there will be more characters in the future). Luckily, there are two characters can become your great companions by proper taming. Thanks to classic sounds, it makes this add-on out-standing from other …

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