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Zombie Hero: Assault [PvP] Map

There are 2 opposite teams in this map. The first one is the Zombie and the second one is the Hero. There are different weapons for the hero to choose, including Heroic Stick, More Ammo, and Red Infinity.
The time for the Humans to survive is 3 minutes. It decides whether the Humans are the winner or not. You can find an automatic BALROG-XI in the Supply Boxes. Thanks to the Knockback, it is so strong.
Founded by: AzozGamer936

List of Credits

• NStalker
• BilleyZambie234
• SolvedDev
• JEBR Gaming
• AzozGamer936
• Keyyard
• KindlyCell26
• Minecrafter_001

Key Features

• Added guns
• New zombies
• Some new features

How to Install Zombie Hero: Assault [PvP] Map

Download .McWorld

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