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ZeusoPack Beta Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

In this map, you can see the appearance of new textures, including armor sets and swords. These items contribute to set up a beautiful world. For instance, the clouds in the pack can’t move, whereas, the skybox is completely new and realistic. Moreover, it is easy to recognize typical 3D features in some mobs. They could be listed here such as tails and ears.

Founded by: Alex-SirZeus

Key Features

  • Two types of 3D mobs, including friendly mobs and hostile mobs. Friendly mobs are Mooshroom, Cow, Sheep, Pig, and chicken. Hostile mobs are Creeper and Skeletons
  • Dynamic lights, which are called torches
  • Additional textures for tools such as Pickaxes, Axes, and Swords
  • Elytra and armor textures
  • Realistic sounds (1/3)
  • Block textures (1/3)

How to Install ZeusoPack Beta Texture Pack

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Access Minecraft
  3. Choose Settings > Global Resources > Enable the pack

Download a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.


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