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Zeppelin Add-on for Minecraft PE

Have you ever heard about this special transportation? Zeppelin Add-on is considered as an airship, which is responsible for transporting by air. The game allows only one player. Besides, there’s a small storage container onboard to keep your food and other necessary items. Are you ready to discover natural scenes of Minecraft with this add-on? Here we go.

Found by: Gona

How does Zeppelin Add-on work?

The first noticeable feature of Zeppelin is that it replaces chickens in an effective way. Therefore, it is easy to recognize that Zeppelin spawns in forests and in plains biomes. Another good way to spawn Zeppelin is using the Zeppelin spawn egg.

Before flying into the sky, you should check whether you sit securely inside the Zeppelin or not. A petrol can is the replacement of snowballs. Remember to throw the petrol can away to make it ready for flying.

  • iOS / Android: You need to make a long press on the vehicle. Then, press the button “Ride”.
  • Windows 10: Right-clicking on the vehicle is a compulsory requirement to make it fly.

Keep an iron sword to control effectively the vehicle. Filling the vehicle with gas is possible by throwing petrol cans at the vehicle.

You can check the inventory of the Zeppelin through the normal inventory. Other efficient methods are sneaking, long pressing and clicking the button “Open”.

Key features

  • Health: 20 hearts
  • 27 storage slots
  • It can fly when you throw the petrol cans
  • Use iron sword for easy controlling
  • As a replacement of chickens

How to install Zeppelin Add-on

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for enjoying a full world game

If you are interested in this game, feel free to get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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