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Minecraft PE Seed: ZekhroiHD – Epic Extreme Hills

This seed got many good review. Especially by the NebsGaming after played this seed the reviewer exclaimed: “An amazing extreme hill seed, guys!”. So you can trusty this seed is nice seed. From the spawn turn around and you will see so many cool things: That is lots of extreme mountains, overhangs and floating island.. and some specialty is lavafall.
Turn around and SURPRISE.

First, you will see some huge mountains in front of you with multiple water and lavafall pouring down to the sea. If you try to searching the cave you can find them around the fool of mountains, have many open cave system in there.


Continue your adventure, but climb to the mountain quite difficult. On the left is a huge rock spikes biome and got an small lavafall in there.


At the end of the extreme mountains biome is a village located in a flat grass biome. In the village got 6 farm and some house. But before get there why you don’t explore the extreme mountains biome and find more interesting things.


Seeds : ZekhroiHD Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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