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Minecraft PE Seed: yoyolike – Perfect First Night

The first night is very important, mostly of Minecraft PE seed make you finding the shelter to surviving in the first night. Here is one of good seed to have a perfect first night, you will find a sand cave, woods and a sand village. You spawn in the boder of desert biome and grass biome, in the grass biome have lots of forest you can find them and getting some wood to made a workbench, torches to prepare for your first night. Next step is finding the shelter, close the spawn you can find it, that is sand cave it also leading you to the sand village in the furture but first, resting the first night. After the first night you can passing the first cave to finding the village or through the second sand cave. But in my suggestion you should go to village to got some items first, also in there provided to you a lots of food like carrots and potatoes which you can pick up to use for eating. But the better things is you can loot some great items in the chest following: iron gear and food (apples, bread etc).
The spawn is border of sand biome and forest biome.
The sand cave close the spawn
The sand village

Seeds : yoyolike Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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