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Minecraft PE Seed: youtube – Dusky Swamp Village

The spawn far from the main part of the seed, about 200-300 blocks. To get there you must take an long path but that path quite of easy because it a flat area. From the spawn, straight forward to the diagonally left. The first things you will meet is some oak tree, it can’t a oak forest, maybe with some special reason made some oak tree spawn in there. After cross them, soon you will reach to the village. The village look like sunk in the swamp water. But actually not, houses and farm lying in there, but this village made me scary, the first time I saw it, I imagine a lost village with a few torches, little light surrounding the village, it made the village more scary, a horrible night in there.



Seeds : youtube Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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