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X-Structures Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0/0.15.0

The X-Structures Mod allows you to choose from hundreds of different structures and spawn them in-game. The structures include vehicles such as helicopters and tanks, houses, mansions, pixel art and much more. It is quite relatively easy to use. Just select the type of structure you want to add and then use another item to spawn it.

How to place the structures?

If you are in survival mode, use this command to retrieve the necessary items: /xstructure ids

If you are in creative mode you can get two spawn eggs in the tools tab:

  • Black Egg = X-Structure – Houses1 (or whichever script you’ve loaded)
  • Red Egg = Structure Maker

Begin by using the black spawn egg to select the type of structure you want to spawn. In this case, I have chosen HOUSE2.

Next use the red spawn egg to spawn the structure. Tap on the block on which you want the structure to be placed. Sometimes, the structure requires to be spawned 2-3 blocks above ground.

x-structures mod

In total, there are hundreds of structures that are coded in the X-Structures Mod.

x-structures mod x-structures mod x-structures mod

The structures can be divided into these categories:

  • Space
  • Houses
  • Mansion
  • Bombs
  • Vehicles
  • Towers
  • Pixel Art

Install Guide & Recommended Settings

Make sure to have just one X-Structures script loaded at the same time. Otherwise there’s a chance your device will crash.

  1. Press the download button further down. Download the installer app from Google Play.
  2. The download will include 24 different .js script. Never load more than one script at the same time as another. This will cause your device to crash.
  3. Use BlockLauncher to load one of the .js scripts.
  4. Done! If you want to change the loaded .js script to another make sure to disable the first one first.

Download like for the X-Structures Mod


All credit goes to xReVoLTiTheme

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