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Working Functional Computer [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

There is a super strong computer on this map with a variety of gorgeous features. It has the perfect combination of command blocks and redstone. You can make use of the map for enjoying tic-tac-toe, executing lines of command, and typing. Therefore, this is one of the most modern computers of Minecraft.

Founded by: Pastimeboy

How to Play Working Functional Computer [Redstone] Map?

The spawn is in an office that equips a computer, a chair, and several bookshelves.

It allows you to access the big computer by pressing a button near the computer.

Press the green button, which is designed at the screen’s right corner. It helps you turn on the computer effectively.

Display different things on the screen by using many keyboard keys.

Writing texts is possible by turning on the “Word” function. Turn the computer off and on. Then, you can redesign the screen of the computer.

Besides, you will be impressed by the command line feature. Type, e.g. /night if you want to set the night time.

Make the computer work again by using the return button.

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