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Working Debug Stick Mod for Minecraft PE

This mod is suitable for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Use a stick to touch the status of a block. There is no difficulty in playing this mod. Especially, builders who want to change the data/state will find it extremely meaningful.

Founded by: ElementX_YT

How to Play Working Debug Stick Mod

Firstly, type /debugstick to save the Debug Stick.

One way to change the value of the block is tapping on it. If you have done a touch, the value will increase. Besides, if the value touches maximum, it comes back to zero.

See a GIF animation of the mod by clicking here.

Video Showcase

How to Install Working Debug Stick Mod

Working Debug Stick Mod is only compatible with Android.

  1. Download .JS Script ModPE
  2. Set up BlockLauncher for Minecraft in Android
  3. Check out the guide to discover other descriptions of the mod

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