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Working Brewing Stand [Redstone] (1.2 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

Thanks to this map, brewing is much easier than ever before. Receive temporary powers by collecting the potions like agility and boosted strength. A special thing about this map is the larger scale of the block. The map allows you to brew potions due to Redstone.

Founded by: TalMelamed

How to Play Working Brewing Stand [Redstone] (1.2 Only!) Map

Enter the chests to collect the brewing ingredients. Put the ingredients into the hoppers. Then, activate the brewing system.

After adding the ingredients, you need to use blaze powder to start the brewing system.

Then, choose the “Click to finish!” button to finish the process.

Enter the chests and collect all necessary items.

Move around the structure to check the establishment of the structure. Go through a large opening, and you can find out the Redstone.

Check out the appearance of the brewing system as in the following picture. The brewing locates on a birch wood block’s top.


  • Make use of blaze powder. It helps create potions.
  • Add 1-3 bottles of water

Download .McWorld

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