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Working Boombox Add-on ( Only)

There are 4 interesting songs in this addon that are free. This makes you relax when trying to deal with the fierce game battle.
Founded by: EzPizelPE

How to Play Working Boombox Add-on

The button in this game allows you to enjoy up to 4 songs. Choose the stop button to stop the song if you want.
As the replacement of the Music disc, the music comes with Far, Mall, and Cat 11,13. Based on different texture changes, we have various images.

List of Credits

Makers: TridentNova, Nether Ninja, ArkreZamy
Builders: MCoreNuke, WhiskermisterMC, Sumisubushido, Tyc728, GoldVAGE
Artist: HarlemPlayz

How to Install Working Boombox Add-on

Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
• Use the packs for enjoying a world
• Discover the world
• Download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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