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Wolverine Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Have you known about Wolverine? There are some movie and TV series about it.And most notably is in X-Man and it was played by Hugh Jackman.Wolverine Mod brings you all abilities of wolverine.

Wolverine Mod was made by FTGM.I think the author must like the shaping of werewolves in X-Man.Because he creates Wolverine in Minecraft PE like this character.You will have a super sharp steel claws.And a more thing is that you have the ability to recover when injured.You must craft Wolverine Suit to turn into him.Let download and enjoy this mod.

Wolverine Mod
Wolverine Mod

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes:

  • Wolverine Attack (373) – 6 Adamantium Iron + 3 Wolverine Suits
  • Wolverine Suit (322) – 4 dandelion yellow + 4 ink sacks + 1 leather
  • Back To Original Skin (327) – 1 stone
  • Adamantium Iron (333) – 8 iron blocks + 1 diamond block



Wolverine Mod

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