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Wireless Redstone Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

By offering a couple of new Redstone parts, this mod supports the wireless transmutation of the Redstone signal. You will find other additional blocks here for successfully building up great Redstone machines. This mod is an ideal solution for people looking for building the complex things in an effective way without the high requirement of much Redstone.

Founded by: umerkk164

Block Details of Wireless Redstone Mod (Android)

  • Transmitter (ID: 231): Create a transmission between a wireless signal (15 blocks range) and a wireless repeater or a receiver.
  • Wireless Repeater (ID: 238): Widen the wireless transmitter signal up to 15 blocks with the same functions like a normal repeater.
  • Receiver (ID: 232): Is responsible for receiving a transmitter signal and releasing a Redstone signal at its back. You may need an air block to do this task.
  • Block Breakers: Need a Redstone signal to operate
  • Classic (ID: 234)– Helps destroy 1 block
  • Iron (ID: 235)– Helps destroy 3 blocks
  • Gold (ID: 236)– Helps destroy 6 blocks
  • Block Placer (ID: 237): All you need to do is a placing the block in front of it. You will need a chest behind it that contains the blocks inside it.
  • Ammeter (ID: 233): Indicates the strungth for a current in binary
  • Wireless Item Receiver (ID: 239)
  • Wireless Item Transmitter (ID: 233)

The followings are typical examples of some blocks in game. The ammeter plays an important role in showing the current in binary.

From the left to right, there is Gold, iron and classic. They are the block breakers you should pay a lot attention.

Here is a transmitter positioned on the grass down at the ground. The receiver block can receive a Redstone signal, for example, floating in the air.

Notice: Wireless Redstone Mod (Android) is only compatible with Android devices. The download contains a demo map, .js script and a texture pack.


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