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Minecraft PE seed : wild boy – Small Survival Island

In this seed you spawn in a small island far out in the ocean. Don’t try to find other nearby island because it very far from this island. After few minutes looking in the island you will soon realize this island is quite poor in terms of resources, only some sugar canes to be found. But luckily we have some some patches of grass then the animal can be spawn in there. That is the only hope for us. Although in the ground of this island quite poor in terms of resources but in the underground of this seed is an cave system which can be found some diamonds in there. Searching careful in the island you can find an tunnel, follow the path of tunnel then dig straight down at the end of tunnel, you will fall to other larger cave system. The digging take a lots of time but if you completed it the reward is so good with: blue lapis, coal, iron and even diamonds….





Seeds : wild boy Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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