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WaterDungeonPE Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.0

WaterDungeonPE Mod is a mod which mainly about the underwater world.It is influenced by Water Dungeon Mod in Minecraft PC.It will make your world look more vivid.

The almost player also don’t find out about the underwater world.Whenever player meets water such as a lake, they also use items for paving up to crossing.So this mod was born.WaterDungeonPE Mod adds a tool for spawning mods in water.They spawned only using the Guardian spawn egg.They are very kind and beautiful.They will not attack but if you attack them, will have some special effects happen.

Item IDs:

  • Spawn Guardian (505)
  • Spawn Elder Guardian (506)
WaterDungeonPE Mod
WaterDungeonPE Mod

Author: BagasMC



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