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Water Slide Race [Minigame] [Creation] Map For Minecraft PE 0.13.0

Are you not afraid of heights? If you are afraid of heights, I advise you not to waste time with this map and if you are adventurous people who love and are not afraid to altitude, the map accuracy is generated is for you.

Water Slide Race is a short, unrealistic and fun water slide map where there are two options of water slides. One is a classic slope just leading straight down and the other one is a giant spiral water slide which seems to be going on forever because the speed doesn’t pick up too easily because of the constant turning point. Either way it’s a unique and really great
The two options include a classic slope or you can go down the giant spiral water slide.
Hopefully you don’t fear heights!




Author: Ailtongn


Water Slide Race [Minigame] [Creation] Map

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