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Water Jungle Temple Seed for Minecraft PE

With this amazing seed, you will have a good chance to spawn in a big jungle biome. You can also find some hills there. However, the most impressive feature of this seed is that it is created under the water. If you fly, it takes you about 30 seconds to come to the biome.

Creator: IAmChickenator

How does Water Jungle Temple Seed work?

If you are at the first time trying this seed, you had better switch to creative. It helps protect you from getting lost. Once you are spawned, turn right and fly toward this direction.

Fly across 200-300 blocks, you will see a lake there. The jungle temple is located in the center of this lake.

Look at the inside of this temple. Be careful to avoid some traps there and you can get valuable treasures.

This picture is about the first chest. It is behind the wall and equips the levers. Open the levers and you will see necessary items. Another good way to get these items is mining the blocks.

Go straight into the temple. A second chest will appear, which consists several bones and two emeralds.

Seed: 1722489668

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