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Wands Mod (Android Only!) for Minecraft PE

If you are Android users and looking for a great way of playing the game, you should put Wands Mod for your consideration. It offers you 7 magic staffs. Each of them has particular features. Once you press the button on display, each staff proves its functionality in shooting ignited TNT blocks or shulker projectiles.

Founded by: Wartave

How to Play Wands Mod

Choose the staff of your active slot. After that, make a long press on the button designed on the right corner of the screen. When these steps are done, you can enjoy fabulous features of your magic wand. Wait for about 1 or 2 seconds to enable the mod. The staff is capable of shooting a shulker projectile.

Each staff has its functions. In the following picture, the staff releases an ignited TNT block.

The potion caused from this staff is still on the ground before disappearing. If you don’t want to lose health, you should be far away from the particles.

Move on the fire staff. It is effective in shooting fire charges, which makes your enemies scared.

Keep reading our next part to see the list of crafting recipes and items.

List of Crafting Recipes and Items

  • Wither Staff (3005) (proud of shooting explosive wither skulls) includes 2 sticks and 1 nether star
  • Ender Staff (3006) (efficient for transportation, releases ender pearls) includes 2 sticks and 1 ender pearl
  • Fire Staff (3007) (releases fire charges) has 2 blaze rods and 1 magma cream
  • Dragon Staff (3008) (releases a potion with the effect of lingering) has 2 sticks, and 1 popped chorus fruit
  • Snow Staff (3009) (can attack by shooting a snowball) includes 2 sticks and 1 snowball
  • Explosion Staff (3010) (releases an ignited TNT block) has 2 sticks and 1 TNT
  • Shulker Staff (3011) (releases a shulker projectile, makes mobs levitate) has 2 blaze rods and 2 birch boats


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