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Waka Islands [Survival] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Waka is a floating island, floating in the sky and contains a secret that your mission is to explore and search for the secret.

There are many challenges in this map, to be able to finish it perfectly impossible, for those who play for years, they noted that this map is not easy at all. It is not for the new players and no experience, every detail in this map are related a bit to the ultimate goal, so not everyone can find and fulfill it. Make sure you can overcome it, otherwise do not waste your time, but you can download other maps.




  • Hills island
  • Desert island
  • Snow island


  • Don’t play on peaceful (never!)
  • Don’t jump off of the islands to regenrerate hunger or your health
  • Don’t use any mods which will make the map easier
  • Don’t use InvEditors like PocketInvEditor


If you want to complete the map 100% you should try completing the following challenges.

  1. Make a Diamond Sword and a Diamond Chestplace
  2. Gather 64 Bakes Potatoes
  3. Gather 64 Beetroots
  4. Gather 64 Carrots
  5. Gather 32 Bookshelves
  6. Craft and use a Nether Reactor Core
  7. Gather 32 of any of the colored carpets
  8. Craft 16 Bricks
  9. Explore all the 4 islands
  10. Gather 16 Spruce, Birch & Oak Saplings

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