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Vladu11’s Lucky Balls Addon for Minecraft PE

What can you find in this addon? They include throwable eggs, pigs, and lucky blocks. This addon promise to make you feel happy and curious. Is it so weird? Check it now.

Founded by: Vladu11

How to Play Vladu11’s Lucky Balls Addon

As the replacement of eggs, lucky balls require the appearance of some chickens.

If you throw some lucky balls to the ground, the pigs will appear. They will try to kill each other until they die.

Wait until the pigs die to get valuable items. It takes you a few minutes to wait the pigs die.

Pay close attention to these pigs. This is because they are more powerful than the common ones.

There are a variety of valuable items here, including pickaxes, iron swords, and diamonds.

How to Install Vladu11’s Lucky Balls Addon

  1. Download resources .mcpack
  2. Download behaviors .mcpack
  3. Enjoy the packs for world in-game

Feel ready to download a .ZIP file!

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