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Village With Ravine Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is a big desert’s border and a huge plains biome. The location of the seed is a small-sized savanna biome. Therefore, it is a good choice for people who want to explore a new Minecraft world.

Creator: uimaxbai

How does Village With Ravine Seed work

Knowing the location of the village is so easy by typing /locate village.

After deciding the village’s location, you should use /tp 776 80 -487 to teleport.

There are many fabulous things to discover in this village. The village is situated in an extremely small savanna biome. You can find different things in the village, including a swamp biome, and a desert biome.

Besides, a ravine comes through the village and makes the village more beautiful.

Enter the blacksmith of the village to find a variety of irons.

Seed: 961601796

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