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Village And Pillage Features Review Map

If you are seeking a good map for high-end devices, this map is an ideal option. Some new features included in this game are Bamboos, Pillagers, Cats, Pandas, new blocks, etc. There is an upgrade in this map, and we are welcoming its interaction with low-end devices.

How To Play Village And Pillage Features Review Map

Founded by: Gfriend_Yuju28

Key Features

• 12 New Walls
• 14 New Stairs and Slabs
• Crossbows
• Smoker
• Stonecutter
• Grindstone
• Barrel
• Blast Furnace
• Scaffolding
• Loom
• Lecterns
• Cartography Table, Smithing, Fletching
• Smooth Varieties of Quartz, Stone, Red Sandstone, Sandstone
• Pillagers
• Crafting Recipes
• Cats
• Bamboos
• New Textures
• New Dyes
• New Flowers
• New Dye Names
• Pandas
• Banner Patterns

Video Showcase

How to Set Up Village And Pillage Features Review Map

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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