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Veteran Supreme Addon

This addon has the perfect combination between the simplicity and challenge. It creates a great survival world to enjoy in your free time. You don’t have to worry about skimpy addons.
Founded by: Cipheroid

Main Features

• You won’t see the burn of Zombies and Skeletons in daylight
• Zombie and Skeleton horses are equipped power and health
• Fireballs and creepers have the ability of producing big explosions
• It is more frequent to see the appearance of Zombie horses and Baby zombies
• Be careful with Zombie pigmen because it may attack you
• Some mobs are spawn naturally such as skeleton horses, wither skeletons, witches, cave spiders, blazes, skeletons, lightning bolts
• Getting an enchanted stone sword is possible for Wither skeletons
• Zombie Pigmen has a chance to use more weapons and leather armor
• There is a stronger health in the ender dragon and the wither

How to Install Veteran Supreme Addon

• Download Behaviors .McPack
• Enable the pack for exploring a world in-game
• Download a .ZIP file for this game here.