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VerseCrafter: Eternal Envy [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

As the third map of puzzle adventures, VerseCrafter: Eternal Envy requires players to open their memory to remember what happened. It is designed for those who finished two previous maps. Try to overcome the “Greed” emotion. As a result, it’s worth exploring this map for many reasons.

Founded by: Cheete

Builders: Egaland, Alexiler, Cheete

What is The Storyline of This Map?

The main character of this game is Ren Harrow, who lost his memories completely. His task is trying to overcome 7 emotional gates to become himself.

This man has overcome 2 gates, and there are 5 gates left welcoming him.

Notice from Cheete: I must spend 6 months to complete this map. It takes me time to build up the characters and other Mojang games.

List of Previous Maps

  • VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination
  • VerseCrafter: The Beginning

What is The Trailer for This Map?


How to Install VerseCrafter: Eternal Envy [Adventure] Map?

You can use this map effectively for Android and Windows 10. Click here to join the beta.

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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