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Minecraft PE Seed: Velvet Elvis – Moutain village

The first thing you must attention about this seed is ores under spawn of this seed. First things is digging straight down at the spawn and you will find lapis lazuli, some iron, coal. But you must careful because mostly of rarity ores has been protected by skeletons. To make sure you got all the ores you should dig out 2 blocks around any ores, most of them is diamond and emeralds.
In the surface of the seed you can find an cool mountain village with the house generated inside the mountain. Also in the foot of the mountains have a nice river waterway, it make the village so beautiful. Moreover, an dungeon can be found in the seed with a room with two chest. To find the dungeon, you must enter to the cave system under spawn, take few minutes to find it. Careful with the monster. Good Luck. 






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