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Vanilla+ Addon ( Only!) for Minecraft PE

Zombie horse has equipped some new features in this addon. It also has the great ability to turn normal horses to zombie horses. Therefore, remember to protect your horses from this infection. Explore all gorgeous features of the game now.

Founded by: StarkTMA

How does Vanilla+ Addon ( Only!) work?

The main feature of Zombies is the hostility against normal horses. After a zombie attacks the normal horse, the normal horse will turn into a zombie. The time for a zombie to live is 20 minutes. The zombie will turn into a skeleton horse if it dies.

  • Husks and zombie villagers can attack horses
  • Zombies have the ability to stand and attack horses

There are effective ways to save the life of your horse from the infection of zombie. All you need to do is throwing a bottle of weakness at the zombie. After that, give it a golden apple.

It takes you some minutes to finish this curing step. However, everything will become new after the step finishes.

One fact is that a small zombie can become a giant one, which will die when the sun rises. Don’t scare. It is completely harmless.

How to install Vanilla+ Addon

Notice: This game is only compatible for beta users. If you are Android users, feel free to sign up for the beta here!

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

If you are interested in this game, feel free to get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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