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The Vampires Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon makes impressive by the ability to add new items and mobs. Be careful with three hostile vampires of the game because they are very dangerous. A good method to protect you is going out in daylight.

Founded by: ZachMC

How to Play The Vampires Addon

Check out the collection of different mobs and their power.

List of Replaced Mobs

  • Vampire Source (replaces Zombie): It has the increase in health, speed, and attack damages
  • Vampire (replaces Husk): It has the increase in speed and health damage
  • Vampire Villager (replaces Zombie Villager): you can make use the Healing Star and a Potion of Weakness to treat it

The vampires come with fast speed and are hostile to other players. Therefore, you must try your best to escape from the vampires.

List of Replaced Items

  • Healing Star (replaces Nether Star): you can own this mob by defeating the Forbidden Boss. The healing star plays an important role in curing the vampire villagers.
  • Vampire’s Cape (replaces Elytra): you can get it from the vampires.

How to Install The Vampires Addon

Download Behavior .McPack

Download Resource .McPack

Enable the packs for discovering a world in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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