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Useful Nether Quartz Add-On

It is so simple to start playing this addon. There is no need for assets or a resource counter-part for the game. All you need to do is using some light tweaks. If you have any question related to this game, please leave your comment in the box below.
Founded by: NightwalkerLots

Major Changes

• Phantom: It releases x1.2 phantom membranes than common
• Zombie Pigman Follower: You can use Nether Quart Blocks to tame this follower
• Villagers: Quart Blocks are added to many trading recipes. Besides, some trades are changed
• Iron Golems: Nether Quart Blocks could heal these golems
• Enchanto Potions: It offers more XP, which means a random tweak

How to Set Up Useful Nether Quartz Add-On

Download Behaviors .McPack
• Apply the pack for a world
• Create the world