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Ultra Hardcore PE Mod for Minecraft PE

Is it important to gain the survival in Minecraft? In addition to survival, Ultra Hardcore PE Mod offers the higher level of difficulty to players. Try to survive during the whole game because it will delete your world when you die. Are you ready to enjoy the game?

Founded by: JoePaleto

How to Play Ultra Hardcore PE Mod

It is a challenge for you to survive in this game. Therefore, try your best to reach the target. The best way to strengthen your health is receiving enough potions or food.

When you kill someone, remember to place his head down on the ground. Calm down because it may make you feel scared.

If you die, your world will be deleted. It requires you to try your best to survive and it is the unique way to start the game.

How to Install Ultra Hardcore PE Mod

Notice: Ultra Hardcore PE Mod is incompatible for x86 devices. Please click here to know the processor of your device.

  1. Remember to get the newest BlockLauncher beta!
  2. Download the .apk (mod)
  3. Search the .apk of your device by using ES File Explorer
  4. Click the file and start the installation


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