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Ultimate Survival Base [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

In Ultimate Survival Base [Creation] Map, players can get necessary items from different redstone creations and a great survival base. These items can serve you for a long time such as food, etc. You will be safe when staying within the walls of base to avoid the attention of some monsters. When monsters find you, they will try to kill you. However, don’t worry. You are still safe in the base when you’d just respawn.

Founded by: ariankhatabi80

The main base is described in details as in the following image. From the main base, you could go to its top through accessing an automatic farm, a portal, and an automatic smelter.

The owners of automatic farm are villagers. They work hard on the fields every day.

There is no difficulty in using the automatic smelter. All you need to do is preparing some fuel to fire the machine up for the smooth running.

When you overcome the portal, you will meet the Nether. However, you still can access the sky base from the Nether.

Standing at the sky base, you have a great opportunity to see two redstone creations. An automatic sorting machine will be found as one of these creations.

Move on another impressive creation, the automatic mob farm. When mobs are spawned in the sky, they release loot, then fall down and die. It is lucky for the hoppers to collect the loot and keep them in their chests.

Feel confident to discover other amazing things of Ultimate Survival Base [Creation] Map. Try them out!

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