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UKS City [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

Do you know the meaning of UKS? It mentions to a big city with a variety of structures and modern buildings. When it comes to both ends of the city, you will find a farm that has many horses and a barn. This city is very noisy with the existence of iron golems and villagers. Therefore, if you are looking for the great inspiration for building, you should give this game a try.

Founded by: Tpops2017


  • New appearance of the area for spawning
  • Some updated buildings
  • Appropriate for survival mode
  • Many friendly players
  • Some improved structures and areas

There will be many improvements in the future, such as buildings in the back limitation.

How to Install UKS City [Creation] Map

Download .McWorld (MediaFire)

Download .McWorld (Dropbox)

Download .ZIP

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