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Tyrannosaurus Rex Addon

The main character of this addon is Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, which comes with great custom animations. Be careful with this mob because it is very dangerous. However, the young dinosaur is harmless. You can use meat to tame it. This plays an important role in protecting you.
Founded by: PixelHeads

How to Play Tyrannosaurus Rex Addon

The Tyrannosaurus Rex may make you scared with the big roar and open jaw. Let’s enjoy the game now.

It is easy for you to tame a young dinosaur by giving it some meat.
Windows 10: After making a right click on the dinosaur, you can give it some meat
iOS / Android: After making a long press on the dinosaur, you should choose the interact button to tame it

The interact button allows the dinosaur to stand or sit.

Ride a tamed adult is possible thanks to a custom animation.

How to Set Up Tyrannosaurus Rex Addon

Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
• Use the packs for enjoying a world
• Design the world

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