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 Two Villages & Two Temples Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed equips great views for you to spawn, which are located near a stronghold, two temples, and several villages. Inside the temples, you can find out many effective items for your adventure. Explore all of them now.

Creator: TheHolelyCowHC

Because the spawn place is situated near two villages, it takes you a short time to get there. You need to go straightly about 50 blocks to come to the place where you spawn.

After you see a well in the desert village, you should jump down the well and search the way leading to a stronghold.

Walk a little bit, and you can see there are two temples situate separately. These temples have many impressive loots.

Look at the list below. It tells you valuable items inside the chests. Chests can be found beyond the temple. All you need to do is destroying all blocks of the temple. When standing in the room, be careful with the pressure plate because it may release a TNT trap.

  • 1 diamond horse armor
  • 1 saddle
  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 5 diamonds
  • 4 enchanted book
  • 4 iron ingots
  • 9 emeralds
  • 6 spider eyes
  • 17 gunpowder
  • 27 rotten flesh
  • 27 sand blocks
  • 36 strings
  • 49 bones

Video Preview

Seed: 2057574331

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