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Two Strange Double Villages Seed for Minecraft PE

What are special about this seed? It has two double villages, in which most of the houses are built on the top of desert hills.

Creator: TelepathicGrunt

How does Two Strange Double Villages Seed work?

After turning right, you will find a big birch forest. Come across the forest, and there is a mesa biome in front of you. The Mesa biome is located on the left of a desert biome. Walk to the desert biome straightly, turn left and you will see the first double village there.

Besides, the most special thing about this double village is that different parts of the village are created on the top of the mountain. How nice they are!

Continue the way you go to the mesa biome. You will see the second double village here. There is a great combination between a desert village and a common plains village.

The blacksmith is still in the village, but it comes without a chest.

Seed: 31394


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