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Two Jungle Temples – 2109943162 | MCPE Seed

Jungle Temples are new addition to Minecraft Pocket Edition with the introduction of version 0.15.0. One of them is good enough, but two, close to each other? That just means more diamonds and gold, baby! And I like me some of that. So here are Two Jungle Temples right at spawn

All credit goes to dollardagreat

Seed: -2109943162

After spawning, the two jungle temples, yes, both of them, should be right on your left. You won’t be able to see them straight away with all the trees in the way so just walk a little bit. One of the two jungle temples will be out in the water.

two jungle temples

First, we’ll look at the temple in the water. Upon entering the temple, walk down the stairs to the bottom floor and then take the first turn to your left. Down there you will find three levers. Messing around with these will result in you locking up the treasure for good. Trigger them in this exact order to open the chests:

  1. Pull down the right lever
  2. Pull down the left lever
  3. Pull up the left lever
  4. Pull up the right lever

two jungle temples

After that, go back to the main floor, turn right and enter the secret room. In there, you should find a chest which contains these items:

  • 4 iron ingots
  • 5 gold ingots
  • 1 diamond

two jungle temples

Go back to the bottom floor because there is another chest. Although you might not like what you find in it:

  • 1 saddle
  • 12 rotten fleshes

two jungle temples

After you have exited the temple in the water, you can go back to the mainland land explore the other temple. This temple also carries the same redstone mechanism as the last, so you will need to trigger the levers according to that exact instruction and open the 2 chests in the precise order. After looting both chest, here are what you should be able to loot:

  • 4 rotten fleshes
  • 11 bones
  • 5 gold ingots

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