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T+S Hardcore Addon for Minecraft PE

The purpose of this game is increasing the difficulty of Minecraft. It improves the ability to breathe underwater. It also makes a change in the attack damage. Hope that you can find many functionalities soon. Check the time for you to survive.

Founded by: TSTricor

Key Features

The swimming adventures are short that shortens the time for drowning.

Remember to use weapons before attacking your enemies. It decreases the attack damages twice.

Mobs will get double attack damages, which increases the higher difficulty.

There is no chance of respawning for the next times.

Notice: You should choose the hard difficulty to enjoy all features of the game.


  • 40 is the number of Max player XP level
  • Faster Zombie Villager, Zombie Pigman, Wither Skeleton, and Zombie
  • Mobs don’t produce many loots

How to Install T+S Hardcore Addon

If you use Windows 10, Android, or iOS, you should follow these steps below.

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