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Trophies Stand (1.8+) Addon

Stands can be used as a great way of representing your achievement. The stand plays an important role in supporting many trophies. Remember to use some decorations in your world.

Founded by: In Nova

How does Trophies Stand (1.8+) Addon work?

  • Access the world settings and activate experimental mode
  • Purchase the stand from the villagers or use a spawn egg to get it
  • Put on the item by making a right click
  • Turn off the item by making a right click on it

List of Trophies

  • grass block
  • diamond
  • dragon egg
  • creeper head
  • diamond sword
  • skeleton head
  • golden apple
  • mojang logo
  • wither head
  • diamond pickaxe
  • zombie head
  • nether star


More trophies and other features are added.

How to Set Up Trophies Stand (1.8+) Addon

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