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TRON Skywars [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

This map requires 8 players to enjoy. You will be impressed with the game at night thanks to orange and red colors. These colors make the view beautiful due to nice glowstones.

Equip your team a deathmatch if you want to make the game more interesting. Another option is letting everything simple without color deathmatch.

Founded by: BotseX

How does TRON Skywars [PvP] Map work?

The place where you spawn is a nice platform. It comes with many beds for all players before happening the fierce battle.

The responsibility of each player is finding an entrance leading to the great sky island.

When all players are ready for the upcoming battle, it will happen. Remember to get a crafting table, a furnace, and chests for your next battle.

Try to be the winner, or you can’t turn back the battle.


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