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More Trident Models Pack (Beta Only) for Minecraft PE

With 5 Trident designs, this pack guarantees to make you feel relax in your free time. The pack is a good idea to make the Trident become a lightsaber or a Shuriken. Before enjoying the Trident, you can check out several impressive features of Xbox, Android or Windows 10.

Founded by: TheEnderface

How to Play More Trident Models Pack?

A Minecraft world should be created, and the Use Experimental Gameplay must be chosen before getting a Trident. It helps you get the Trident quickly.

Check all models in the following parts.

Besides, the pack remains the behaviors of the Trident, but its visuals are changed.

This is Shuriken

Look at Magma Sword


Here is Kunai

Enderface Sword looks amazing, right?

How to Install More Trident Models Pack

Notice: You can use the pack for Android, Xbox, or Windows 10. Learn how to participate in the newest beta here.

  1. Choose a suitable pack below to download

Kunai .McPack

Shuriken .McPack

Enderface Sword .McPack

Lightsaber .McPack

Magma Sword .McPack

  1. Access Minecraft
  2. Choose Settings > Download Global Resources .McPack
  3. Enable the game

Download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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