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Trading Skyblock [Survival] (Addon!) Map for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for a greater improvement of the original skyblock version, you should pay close attention to Trading Skyblock [Survival] (Addon!) Map. The map allows you to trade items through a store. Once you survive and have important items, you can defeat the Ender Dragon at the End.

Founded by: StarkTMA

How does Trading Skyblock [Survival] (Addon!) Map work?

After jumping to the end portal, you can come to the skyblock island effectively. Your task is trying to survive on this island with only a portal and a tree. It helps you get the necessary resources for defeating the Ender Dragon in the future.

When you get these items, it allows you to trade other things such as emeralds in the Trading Area. Emeralds play an important role in supporting your survival.

Finally, you get all resources to defeat the Ender Dragon. Come to the Trading Area. Then, dig down the floor. Access the chest to get the End Crystals. Go to the large island and create the dragon by using the End Crystals. It allows you to discover the End Unlimited.


Main Rules

  • Avoid breaking any item in the area of trading
  • When standing in the End, avoid making another portal

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