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More Totems Addon for Minecraft PE

This is an excellent creation to Minecraft, which makes players feel relax in their free time. In addition to 9 additional totems, the map also includes 7 other totems. They are supportive in trading. The new Taron villager is someone who sells items around totems.

Founded by: solvedDev

How to Play More Totems Addon?

Accessing the totems is so easy by applying two ways below.

  1. Defeat an Evoker Illager: He can release a totem, even the Totem of Undying
  2. Find a Taron Villager: This man has the appearance like a cleric. However, he requires enough resources to create new totems

Get the items by following this command: /give @p yellow_flower 1 [with the number from 0 to 15].

List of New Resources

The Taron makes use of new totems to create a Combined Totem and other totems.

  • Ordinary Green Totem: Collect it from the zombies
  • Ordinary Purple Totem: Endermen drops it
  • Ordinary Red Totem: Magma Slimes drop it
  • Ordinary Blue Totem: Get it from Elder Guardians and Squids
  • Totem Flower: As the replacement of dandelions, it can release yellow dye

List of New Totems

Keep these totems in your hand, and you can let them activate. It is impossible for you to keep the totems offhand.

  • Air Totem: The crafting recipe is MT & Feathers | Immunity to fall damage
  • Magic Totem: MT & Spider Eyes | Immunity, which can cause damages through potions
  • Water Totem: MT & Prismarine Shards | Immunity, which protects you from the damage of drowning
  • Fire Totem: Type MT & Magmablocks | Immunity to fire damage
  • Withering Totem: Type MT & Wither Skull | Immunity, which can cause damage
  • Food Totem: Type MT & Steak | Immunity to starving
  • Projectiles Totem: MT & Bow | Immunity
  • Flight totem: MT & Dragon Egg. Remove the gravity when keeping it
  • Undying totem: MT & Emeralds | Rescue you by dying

How to Install More Totems Addon

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McPack
  2. Enable the packs for a world in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this addon here.


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