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Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE

With the strong airflow, a tornado has the capability of destroying everything sticking in its way. The simple way to spawn a tornado is using Tornado Mod. Remember not to stand closely to the tornado because it can attack you and damages the terrains.

Founded by: ivon852

How does Tornado Mod work?

Your first important task is making use of the Tornado Spawner, which helps spawn a tornado effectively. Obtaining the item is so easy thanks to the way you craft and pick it from the creative inventory.

  • Tornado Spawner (ID: 1001): It has 3 iron ingots and 6 strings

To spawn a tornado, you need to tap on the ground by using the Tornado Spawner. Remember to run away quickly to escape from a tornado, especially you are in survival mode. If a tornado is in active status, it will display in the center of the screen. You can know about the specific information of the tornado here.

Try to out of reach of the tornado; otherwise, it will kill you.

Other Characteristics

  • When the tornado is on water/lava, it may change particle
  • Change the tornado size by typing /edit_tornado


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