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Tombstone Mod for Minecraft PE 0.15.0/0.14.2/0.14.0

Death is a sad, sad thing. But it is part of life. We all have to die sometimes. And in the world of Minecraft, we die several times. But that does not make it any less tragic. The deceased deserves their own proper burial and their own tombstone. While that does not always occur in real life, we may have a way to make sure that gets taken properly in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Tombstone Mod adds a block to the game which is a gravestone that will be spawned on the spot where you were last killed. By destroying the stone, it will drop all the items which you have lost in your last death.

How does the Tombstone Mod work?

The life of a Miner is precious and risky. Every night there are always mobs stalking in the dark waiting for someone to eat, shoot, or blow up. They have zero regards for an innocent and hard-working souls. Anything that smells like human is a target to acquire.

tombstone mod

Although you do not really die, as Miners in Minecraft have infinite lives, it is still quite annoying to die. And even worse, you do not even have any ways of keep track of your deaths, like where you died, when you died, who killed you. And deaths are monumental, so they deserved to be in carved.

The Tombstone Mod will spawn a tombstone at the spot where you were last killed. If you return to the tombstone and destroy it, it will drop all items that you were carrying when you were killed. This way you do not have to worry as much about losing your items as you will be able to return to your gravestone once the sun has risen and retrieve your items. So it is more of a gain than loss.

tombstone mod


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